Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Less Desirables

This past Wednesday, we had the honor of being guests on The Less Desirables podcast. (

We met these guys earlier this year when they did a remote location recording of their monthly beer episode at City Beverage. They reviewed four beers and also talked about movies, sports, tv, and technology. It's a little bit of everything, but of course we were hooked as soon as they mentioned "monthly beer episode". After seeing each other at several beer events around town, they invited us to join their Beer Guru and discuss some beers for March's beer-isode. We tasted and reviewed Olde Hickory brews while Jay and Mike gave us a little background on beer-related topics. We had a blast! You can download the podcast at iTunes, Podcast pickle, or media fly (see their site for details) You can also follow them on twitter (@less_desirables) and find them on facebook.

They'll be doing another remote location recording on March 21st @ Bob's Big Gas Subs ( Come on out, get some great food, great beer, and be a part of the conversation!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Race the Bar

I'm a runner. Well, I used to be. I ran my first (and so far only) marathon and ran a sub-25min 5k in Mid 2009 after running for five years. Then marriage, grad school, and two or three moves kinda squelched that habit. I kept it up here or there, but I've been searching for a reason to really get back into it.

Well, I found it!!! Race the Bar in the Triad! ( These events combine two of my favorite things: running and beer and best of all, it highlights some great local beer!

From their website: "We invite everyone, including those who can run a 5K like they're standing still, those who'd rather be drinking, and those somewhere in between to participate in this series of races that just so happen to begin and end at great bars and restaurants around the Triad"
I believe I fall in the "those somewhere in between" category. And I'm really looking forward to these races! I love that they build from 5k to 15k (my favorite distance).

Anyone else interested? I set up a account if anyone wants to train "together".

I'm aware that it's a little late for a non-runner to get up to 5k distance, but you can still start now, walk part of the first one and then really get ramped up for the 8k May 12th.

The first one is March 24th - 3pm - and features beer from Carolina Brewery

So who's in?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Triad Beer Guide is live!!!!

The main feature of the site is a calendar with all the beer events in the Triad (at least the ones that we hear about). We will add as much as we can as soon as we can. If you hear of events, you can add an event yourself!

Thanks so much to our friend A.J. ( for putting the site together!!