Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Beer Pairing Guide (funny)

Yet another offering from our favorite Virginia beer bar. Capital Ale House-they aren't paying us, we just really loved this place when we lived there and they have been sending some funny emails. Would post a link if I could find one, but I don't think they put their newsletters on the site.
Remember, they are in VA, so no focus on NC beers here, feel free to leave comments about which NC beer you think would take each non-ncbeer's place best!

Thanksgiving Turkey Beer Guide.

Big bird- Straight from the Market to the oven.
Amber Ale- Something like New Belgium Fat Tire or Bell's Amber.
Don't over think it. You want a Thanksgiving meal that plays a back seat to conversation, friends and family. An Amber Ale is the right one for you. Unassuming and a crowd pleaser, the Amber ale usually pairs with everything.

Smokey the bird- The smoked turkey.
American Strong- Like Stone Arrogant Bastard. It has taken you 8 hours to smoke this bird to perfection and it's Damn good. So good, you named it Bacon2. This bird needs a big beer. It needs a beer that will be as intense as you. Arrogant Bastard is your theme, your attitude and your beer.

The Colonel- Deep fried!
India Pale Ale- Something like Bell's Two Hearted Ale. Crunchy skin and super moist meat are the expectations when enjoying a fried bird. You need a Palate cleanser! IPA's are bold, peppery and spicy- Just like you.

Alton brine- The uber chef's nerd bird.
A Marzen or Pumpkin Ale. You started cooking on Sunday, and will have Brussel sprouts so delicious that even the pickiest eater will be converted. You want a Fall beer that stands out on it's own but doesn't take the spotlight. Marzen is the magic elixir here. A Pumpkin Ale is also good, but choose one that has a hint of pumpkin, not a holler.

The Traditional- A heritage bird, probably free range.
A Belgian Tripel- Something like Chimay. This beer has hints of fruit with a lovely effervescence. It is a regal drink with a kiss of bitterness in the finish. If you spend as much time setting up your table setting and decor as you do your dinner, then choose a beer that is respected the world around.

Stuffy Stufferson- The Turducken- A Turkey stuffed with a Duck that is stuffed with a Chicken.
I don't have a recommendation for you. Sorry. This Frankenstein monster has no business with me. If you insist on serving one of these, i imagine you have already decided on serving a beer mixed with wine blended with whiskey. I fear for your bathroom.

Happy Thanksgiving and Slainte,


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